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GJK’s Gary Knowles Featured on Remodeler Stories

Gary Knowles of GJK Remodeling in Charlotte, NC was featured on Remodelers Stories, “the podcast where real remodeling business owners tell their personal stories of finding success in this crazy industry!” In Episode 74, Gary shares that he first got started in construction as a high school senior in Buffalo, NY. And since then, he…

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6 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Your kitchen sees more foot traffic than any other room in the house. That’s why your kitchen must be functional and inviting. In fact, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, where people gather to eat and chat at the end of the day. Let’s look at six signs it’s time to remodel…

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Home Additions that Add Value

Figuring out the home additions that add value to your Charlotte home is always a smart approach to any home remodeling project. Whether you’re thinking of selling in the near future or simply want to boost your property’s worth, home additions are a great way to accomplish this. However, not all home additions are created…

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Get Inspired: Bathroom Design Trends To Transform Your Space

At GJK Remodeling, staying on top of the home project and design trends is one of our favorite things. In Charlotte, North Carolina, we have seen a lot that excites us, including how people renovate and remodel their bathrooms. From sleek lines and geometric patterns that combine elegance with character to warm colors and nostalgic…

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Bringing the Latest Kitchen Design Trends into Your Home for 2023

The designs of kitchens have changed over the years, and what was once en vogue may now make a kitchen look dreary and dated. Let’s look at some popular kitchen design trends we’re seeing in Charlotte that will make your kitchen look stylish in 2023. Cabinet Trends The right kitchen cabinets can transform your kitchen…

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How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

You’ve decided to take the plunge and remodel your kitchen. You’ve thoughtfully researched remodeling firms, learned about their design-build process, and signed a contract. Now the feeling of overwhelm sets in as you think about how to survive a kitchen remodel. How will you prepare food and function for the 12+ weeks while your kitchen…

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The Benefits of a Sunroom Addition to Your Charlotte Home

There are many tangible and intangible benefits of a sunroom addition, especially here in Charlotte. A sunroom addition offers a lovely space that can be serene, functional, and perfect for entertaining. Best of all, your investment will likely pay for itself when it comes time to sell. Whether you prefer nature’s beauty without all the…

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How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Charlotte, NC

We often get asked, “How much does a kitchen remodel cost in Charlotte?” and the answer is, it can vary. A kitchen remodel is one of the most popular home improvement investments. As a mingling hub for gatherings, it can elevate the warmth and joy of the home. Remodeling a kitchen in Charlotte, NC, will…

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What to Expect During a House Remodel

Are you ready finally work with a remodeling company to transform your home? While beginning the process is exciting and many people feel optimistic about the outcomes, the realities of remodeling are this: There is quite an emotional rollercoaster between signing a contract and the finishing touches. We at GJK  Remodeling know that a psychological component…

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4 Benefits of Custom Closets

According to HomeAdvisor, the average American spent $13,000 on home projects this year, which is nearly 50% more than they did in 2019. A well-organized closet can make a difference in a person’s life. It can help you feel more organized and put together and make it easier to find what you need when you…

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