Bathroom Lighting: Illuminate Your Space With Style

Bathroom lighting often goes unnoticed until a bulb burns out, but let’s take a moment to appreciate its significance. Exceptional lighting can create a sense of spaciousness and cleanliness, regardless of the size of your bathroom, while poor lighting can make it appear gloomy and cramped. When envisioning your bathroom remodel, it’s crucial to give…

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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Charlotte, NC?

A bathroom remodel is an excellent way to enhance the value and utility of your home. However, understanding the cost is crucial before embarking on this project. In Charlotte, NC, the cost of bathroom remodels can vary depending on factors such as the size of your bathroom, the materials used, and the complexity of the…

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Get Inspired: Bathroom Design Trends To Transform Your Space

At GJK Remodeling, staying on top of the home project and design trends is one of our favorite things. In Charlotte, North Carolina, we have seen a lot that excites us, including how people renovate and remodel their bathrooms. From sleek lines and geometric patterns that combine elegance with character to warm colors and nostalgic…

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How a Bathroom Remodel Can Increase Your Home Value

A bathroom remodel can change how you enjoy your home. Your bathroom is an essential part of the house, and for most people, it’s all about cleanliness and grooming. However, equipping it with new finishes, accessible features, and elements that aid in relaxation will increase the value of your property exponentially. A modern and updated…

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