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Whole Home General Contractor in Charlotte, NC


Whole Home General Contractor in Charlotte, NC

Gary Knowles, the owner and namesake of GJK Building & Remodeling, brings over 25 years of experience in the residential remodeling and building field. Gary’s belief is to treat every client the way he would want to be treated, by providing the quality, value, and service you deserve. We treat every home like it is our own.

Our employees and trade partners are extremely skilled and have the experience we require to complete our team at GJK to ensure the best possible outcome for all projects.

Attention to detail, concern for our customer’s needs and customer service are the reason that our list of clients continues to grow, the reason they come back to us, and why they refer us to their friends.

GJK offers all of our clients a one year “wall to wall” warranty, assuring you the peace of mind that your project will be done right the first time. It is very important to us that our clients are happy and comfortable with their project long after we’re gone.
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A Message from the Owner's Wife

You’re probably wondering why Gary isn’t the one writing a letter about his company. If you knew Gary, you’d understand. First, Gary is the heart and soul of GJK and Gary doesn’t talk about Gary. Secondly, trying to get Gary to sit down and talk about what he does means you’re taking away time he could spend DOING what he loves to do…which is designing, building and renovating homes.

The very thing that frustrates me the most about this man is the very thing that attracted me to him in the first place: Gary loves making people happy. That means hand-drawing all his designs (he thinks computers are too impersonal for this). It means explaining how he’s found a way to give a client exactly what they want without going over their budget or compromising on quality. It’s watching him literally consume EVERY magazine, periodical, and article about remodeling, construction, and design.

Gary Knowles loves what he does, and that means long hours and lots of hard work. Although it’s frustrating at times, I really do love sharing his talents with others because HE loves sharing his talents and there’s nothing more amazing to me than watching him live out his passion. You could say I’m biased and, of course, you’d be right, but before you judge the truth of what I say, take a look at Gary’s Portfolio page on this website and I’m sure you’ll agree… my guy does great work!

Aireale Knowles
(wife & biggest fan of Gary Knowles, owner of GJK Building & Remodeling)

"16 years old. Really??"

While most 16-year old boys were playing sports, driving around town or busy being a typical teenager, Gary Knowles was busy being… different. Gary had discovered his love for drawing home designs and renovation plans early on and it became his constant pursuit. Gary worked for builders, drawing by hand some pretty amazing designs. He sold concrete and did drawings for builders, doing anything that would give him access to hands-on training and industry understanding. At 25 years old, Gary went out on his own and eventually landed in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he was hired by an investor to build a multi-unit patio community. The quality of that project was the seed that grew into GJK Building & Remodeling.

Passion is contagious

Quality workmanship and materials, attention to detail and an owner/manager at the site, making sure every detail is completed on time and on budget: that’s the difference at GJK. Gary Knowles’ passion for home design and build is evident in every finished project… and his clients’ talk. They see the value of fine workmanship and only the best materials, and they appreciate Gary’s no-compromise approach to the design-build process. This is why our best advertising is and has always been word of mouth. Gary’s personal concern for the needs of our clients and the amazing results he and his team deliver is why referrals continue to be our main source of new business. Passion is contagious and it shows in every project completed by the professionals of GJK Building & Remodeling.