Making Room for What You Love

There are many reasons to consider increasing your home’s square footage. More homeowners than ever before are remodeling to suit their family’s changing needs rather than moving. Not only is there a shortage of housing, but market fluctuations also may mean enough equity for homeowners to turn their current home into the house of their dreams, no moving required. Allow a well-planned and expertly executed remodel to bring your addition to life.

Creating: Personal Passion Projects

Are you tired of using a common room, like a dining room, as a creative space? Do you dread the tedious process of taking your art supplies out or covering furniture in protective drapes? There is always an inconvenient mess to clean, not to mention finding somewhere for your supplies to live, and endless interruptions from family and pets. What could a private dedicated space for making art do for your creativity? You can find out when you complete an addition like an art studio, craft room, or writing room!

These specialized additions really add value to your day-to-day life, allowing space and privacy for passionate pursuits. Away from the noise and clutter of home life, you can find the stillness you need to tap into your inspiration. An art studio can be designed with natural light in mind, necessitating careful planning of location and window selection. Durable and washable finishes can be selected while still maintaining the beauty of your renovation project.  

Custom storage options in any of these spaces can take a jumbled collection of supplies and make using them almost effortless! An added bonus for parents is that having a dedicated space for children’s crafts and toys streamlines organization throughout the rest of your home.

Nurturing: Provide a Haven for Family

One of the most practical reasons to have an addition built onto your home is providing a safe haven for your loved ones. Whether living with you is a part of your parent’s retirement plan or you have a family member who requires modifications for usability, adding on to your home can be an ideal way to keep your family close, while still giving them the private space they need for daily living.  

If your family member has mobility issues, there are endless options, like wider or pocket doors, hallway railings, ramps, and curbless showers. It is far more convenient and economical to have these features intrinsic to a new structure than it is to remodel an existing home to fit these needs.

Finding Bliss: A Sanctuary Master Bedroom

Many older homes lack the luxurious master suites homeowners expect today. Rather than moving why not remodel your existing home? Adding an extra bedroom with a master bath is a project almost guaranteed to increase the value of your home. Increasing your home’s number of bedrooms and bathrooms can be a fairly safe investment if you are concerned about a potential return. In today’s competitive real estate market, homebuyers are shopping with master suites in mind.

We all need a quiet space to rest and prepare, or recover from, our hectic days. For couples, not only does a revamped suite make cohabitating easier, but it can also nurture your relationship by providing a special retreat to enjoy together.    

Invest in your quality of life, all while investing in your home. Explore what sorts of additions can enrich your life and rekindle your love for your home!

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