A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Customized Place

One of the biggest time drains for a busy family can be time spent looking for misplaced items, or looking for a place to put items away. When it comes to cleaning, organizing the kitchen can be a major household annoyance.

Here are three innovative custom storage options to consider when updating your home’s kitchen cabinetry.

1. No More Avalanches: Upright Storage for Trays

Are you using the cramped drawer beneath your oven to store cookie sheets and pans, resulting in a tedious fight to find what you need? A dedicated tray drawer or cabinet may be an ideal solution. Tray dividers create convenient standing storage for pizza pans, cutting boards, and trays. Roll out tray storage is another available solution.

Not only does roll out storage maximize space, but it also saves you from crouching down in search of the perfect party tray. The convenience of storing your trays upright in a space, with dividers, also protects items from scratches or damage, and prevents an avalanche in a cabinet of pots and pans when items are stored haphazardly.

2. Convenience with a Hint of Nostalgia: Bread Drawers

Breadboxes are hardly in style these days; the real estate they take up on a countertop is too valuable. Bread drawers are one storage option you may have never considered. Some designs have a sliding plastic lid for freshness, while others have mesh drawer fronts, bringing to mind pie safes once used for storing baked goods. Unlike a freestanding pie safe, bread drawers have all of the compact convenience of a modern kitchen. Not only does a bread drawer save counter space and help keep baked goods fresh, you can also use them to store potatoes, onions, or other fruit or vegetables kept at room temperature.

3. Waste Not, Want not: Better Food Storage

Rather than wasting square footage on a pantry, many custom kitchens include specialized storage for pantry items. A pantry often becomes a graveyard for stale and expired food. After all, when one has a large space devoted to a variety of foods, baking, and seasoning products, it is not surprising that some products are accidentally hidden until they spoil. Today’s kitchen designs seek to eliminate waste, not just of time, but also of food!

From roll out lighted spice racks, to specialized cabinetry designed for canned foods, keeping your kitchen organized efficiently has never been easier or more attractive. Why not have a dedicated baking cabinet, with custom canisters, for the serious baker in your home? Or a swing out, shelf where you can tuck away your bulky mixer?  A tall roll out for storing olive oils and sauces is an often-overlooked amenity. Narrow roll out storage also uses space in between cabinets that, in older kitchens, may have been wasted.

No matter your budget, there are boundless storage solutions to make life easier and keep your counters free of clutter so that waste is minimized and your kitchen workspace is as usable and pleasing to the eye as possible. 

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